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Black Pearls From Tahiti and the Cook Islands
Tahitian black pearls are the only naturally black pearls
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How Big Is A 9 Millimeter Tahitian Pearl?

We have this question a lot. About 25 Millimeters (mm) equals 1 inch. That means that a 9 mm tahitian pearl has a diameter of just about 3/8 of an inch. Six pennies stacked together is about 9 mm.

The picture below show various size black Tahitian pearls compared to a U.S. dime, a number 2 pencil and a ruler.Click here to download a size comparison of akoya pearls that will print at actual size. (Please be sure when the print window appear to set page scaling to "none".)

Tahitian Black Pearls range in size from 8MM to 15MM

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