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Black Pearls From Tahiti and the Cook Islands
Tahitian black pearls are the only naturally black pearls
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Please note that Black Moon Pearls is owned and operated by Pearl Oasis.

Welcome To Black Moon Pearls

I'm Sunny Chen, owner and designer. Thank you for visiting Black Moon Pearls by Pearl Oasis. Our catalog offers outstanding prices for beautiful Tahitian black pearl jewelry and I hope you will spend some time browsing our catalog items. Our site is not just for selling our products. We have much information about cultured Tahitian black pearls, the history of black pearls, and how to best care for black pearl jewelry. We want you to learn how romantic, unique and wonderful Tahitian black pearls are compared to other gems. Please feel free to e-mail or phone me with your questions about our jewelry and general questions about pearls.

Our business is located in Alexandria, Virginia USA, just a few miles from Washington, DC. Black Moon Pearls is a division of Pearl Oasis and was started in 2000. I began our parent company, Pearl Oasis, in 1997. Prior to opening Pearl Oasis, I owned jewelry stores in Georgetown and downtown Washington DC USA.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Washington, DC and BBBOnline. We are a member of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America. We have been praised by our customers for the excellent quality of our items and their outstanding price. Our customers also have complemented us on our speedy delivery. Don't take our word for this. Read some of the comments we have received at Ebay from winners of Pearl Oasis auctions.

I have been G.I.A. trained in the proper way to grade pearls and I personally grade every item in out catalog. I know you will be pleased by the quality of the items you purchase. However, if you want to return your purchase, we have a very liberal return policy.

Some customers have wondered how our prices can be so low. We are a direct importer of loose black pearls from Tahiti and the Cook Islands. We sell only through the Internet. That lets us keep our overhead very low. Final, we have developed proprietary computer programs to automatically handle much of the order fulfillment. That cuts our costs even more. That's why we have the best values you'll find anywhere.When you place an order, your information is kept secure. We will never share or sell it. When you pay by credit card using our secure server, you can rest assured that the information will be safe. In addition to industry standards for secure servers, we have adopted best practice security for your payment information. When we access your information for invoicing, we access it through a secure server too. Many sites on the Internet offer secure servers for payment but then access your information over insecure connection. That defeats the security. Some Internet jewelry sites don't tell you the complete truth about pearl jewelry. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

  1. There is no standard grading system for pearls. Each pearl farm, wholesaler, and retailer has their own grading system. That makes comparison shopping for pearls very difficult.
  2. The Federal Trade Commission, USA requires any pearl produced from a nucleus (usually a sphere of calcareous mollusk shell) planted by humans inside the shell or in the mantle of a mollusk and coated with nacre by the mollusk to be call a cultured pearl. Virtually all Tahitian black pearls are cultured from black-lipped oysters (Pinctada margaritifera ).

We suggest you take a look at the Federal Trade Commission's consumer guide for jewelry buying, All That Glitters. If you want to see the full Federal Trade Commission's guidelines for the Jewelry Industry, look at Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries .

Our catalog shows list prices for our items, and we want you to know what we mean by this term. For items we make, the list price is calculated by taking our material cost and added reasonable Washington, DC labor costs and overhead costs for a brick and mortar jewelry store. For items we buy from wholesale suppliers, the list price is the suggested selling price marked on the item by the wholesale supplier. In some cases, if we believe the suggested list price is too high, we will set a lower price from the marked price. We will never set a higher price to the wholesaler's suggested price. We also monitor the prices of similar items listed on QVC and Bluenile on the Internet. We also monitor prices of similar items selling in Washington, DC stores such as Macy's and Zales. Because there are no standards for pearl quality, price comparison between products we sell and products sold at the above establishments is very difficult. We urge you to compare our prices with your neighborhood jewelry store and on-line jewelry stores. One of the advantages of shopping on the Internet is the ability to quickly compare prices and we urge you to compare.

We want you to be a happy and informed Pearl Oasis customer and we will work to get and keep your business.

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